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Using our success to lift up others

CHIPTOSS Family takes pride in recognising it has responsibilities beyond the blockchain industry, and a duty to assist those in the communities where we enjoy a presence and do business. We truly believe that – together – we can make a difference.

With a global partner, we have the capacity to proactively help those in need to achieve a better tomorrow, while furthering projects close to our own hearts. For more information on our CSR activities, please refer to the CHIPTOSS foundation.

Our Partners

for global shared growth
CHIPTOSS differentiated partnership CHIPTOSS shares global know-how with partners through mutual cooperation and win-win development.
We want to share the opportunity for success in the global blockchain market.

A staircase inside a minimalist shape

​Two things connect into the one World

The future of the blockchain industry is here.
As the philosophy that has emerged as the value of creating the Internet based on fairness, distribution, and coexistence must change, CHIPTOSS is building an integrated ecosystem of blockchain and game industry services with one goal of mass adoption.

Get Started

Tokenomics is based on two Tokens at the heart of the Project - CTOS and GGEX.

CTOS & GGEX Token is a cross-chain Token built on the ERC-20 standard with a focus on expanding into low-fee  EVM-compatible chains

CHIPTOSS Economics

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